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Topics: Alcohol & Drugs

Topics: Eating Disorders


Can My Girlfriend Attend Counseling While Maintaining Privacy?

Our experts answer your questions about privacy in counseling

Topics: Borderline Personality

Topics: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Suicide, Cutting, Emotional Health

Should I Take a Semester Off?

Our experts answer your questions about returning to school before you're ready

Topics: Depression, Stress, Cutting, Emotional Health

What Should I Tell My Therapist

Our experts answer your questions about communicating with your mental health professional

Topics: Borderline Personality


Only Shy in Class

Our experts answer your questions about social phobias.

Topics: Stress, Emotional Health, Schizophrenia

Is My Friend Paranoid or Is Something Wrong?

Our experts answer questions on the topic of how to help a friend

Tags: college delusions, college emotional health, college paranoia


I Don't Have Health Insurance, but I Need Medication

Our experts answer your questions related to medication costs